What Industry Is Good to Open a Small Business in On the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast is home to numerous new technologies, specialized ICT, and knowledge-based businesses while the environment is ideal for agriculture & tourism. The Sunshine Coast is known for being a pioneer in the fields of clean technology, agriculture, aviation, and health and sciences. But would that be the best option for one to start a ‘small’ business in?

Whilst not all small company ideas are created equal, some do have a higher chance of success than others. Even though you think your company concept would be successful, it’s possible that your target market won’t share your opinion. So it is best to analyse how profitable the industry you are entering in is, and if they need more competitors or is it taken over by some monopoly? Moreover, would you be able to create a competitive edge here?

Below are the top three small business industries that we have collected that have little to no barriers to entry in Sunshine Coast and can be profitable as well!

Tourism Industry

Sunshine Coast’s tourist sector has continually made a sizable contribution to the economy. It is obvious that people like taking vacations here, and it is reasonable to assume that this tendency will continue. There are many things you can add here, and they might be seasonal as well, and would attract tourists your way. You can also aid in making an app or any guide that tourists could use to have a hassle-free experience! Depending on your idea, the initial investment could be large or small. But, it may be used in a wide range of situations and might provide a tourist organization with a significant competitive advantage.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

You will unavoidably have to deal with accounting and bookkeeping duties if you operate a firm. And let us not forget, the Sunshine Coast has a ton of businesses, including small ones! Nonetheless, dealing with money issues is often seen as the most difficult part of the work by those who operate their own firms. You can initiate a startup with small business accountants, and with some great marketing and word of mouth, you could find great financial success with this, with less investment, as this is a service. For a very long time, businesses that provide bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and payroll services have been among the most lucrative for entrepreneurs to launch.

Education and Training

There is an opportunity to start a business and satisfy the need in the disciplines of corporate leadership and job training since they are sorely underserved. By creating and delivering customised training and development programs for specific firms, you can help those organisations maximise the potential of their talent and workers. Another venture that may be started on a shoestring budget is this one.