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Are you searching for Accountants Sunshine Coast? Your search is over! As a business owner you probably find yourself working in every department of your business… For instance, let’s take some of the stress off and work together to grow your business, smash your goals and ultimately see your business dominate!


Starting up a new business can be an exciting but daunting journey. Because starting up can be stressful, let us help you get your business off the ground and be guided by our friendly team every step of the way.


We want to see your business thrive! Learn how to understand the financial aspects of your business on a deeper level. In addition, get all the basics sorted like Tax Returns, Activity Statements & Reporting.


Ensure you are meeting the compliance requirements of running a larger business. Let us take care of all your reporting needs. In addition, take advantage of our advisory services to understand your business!


Take control of your financial future with a Self Managed Super Fund. Most importantly, find out how your taxes can be minimised and ensure your retirement funds are safe. We are also a registered SMSF auditor.


Ensure your Payroll is done correctly and on time and make certain all your accounts are kept up to date and reconciled regularly. Activity Statement lodgement is available with our bookkeeping service.

Our Team

Meet your leaders behind this amazing Sunshine Coast accounting firm, helping to grow your business!

Tim Stubbs

Tim Stubbs

Bachelor Business (Accounting) CPA qualified Accountant with over 15 years experience in Accounting, Tax, Audit and SMSF’s (ASIC Registered SMSF Auditor).

“My passion is to build solid relationships with small and medium business’ and to help them understand their financial reports. This will ultimately give them a better understanding of the performance and financial health of their business, thus enabling them to realise the true potential of their business. I can help with any stage of the business cycle from setup and structuring, software setup, advice on growth including budgets/forecasting, tax minimisation, and preparing for retirement.”


Caleb Sturdee

Caleb Sturdee

Bachelor Business (Accounting) CPA qualified Accountant with over 13 years experience in Accounting, Tax, Business Services, Management/Cashflow and SMSF’s, including 3 years as a CFO for a large Sunshine Coast based business.

“My experience includes structuring, payroll tax, large family groups and I have helped many small to large businesses overcome unique issues faced by each of them. My favourite part of accounting is management & cashlow reporting. This is largely due to the clarity this can provide in decision making and business strategy. I aspire to help all clients achieve their financial goals and to be as efficient and profitable as possible.”

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Bookings available for advisory meetings, benchmarking reports & tax returns (Jul-Oct)

Sunshine Coast Accountant - CPA

Certified Practising Accountant

Avoda Business Advisory is a CPA firm. We pride ourselves on being CPA qualified and attend regular seminars, information sessions & webinar training to ensure our accounting knowledge is always up to date.

How to Switch Accountants

Changing accountants is really simple!

Switching to a new business accountant is so much easier than you think. Above all, if you provide us with the details of your previous accountant, we will be able to contact them to transfer over all information and documents required to move forward. You will also be required to nominate us as your tax agent using online services for businesses (an ATO service). We are more than happy to assist you with this process!

What our clients say…

“Avoda Business Advisory are highly professional, knowledgeable accountants and are really great at explaining things to their clients so they are easy to understand. Would recommend to anyone looking for an accountant!”

Debbie H

“So thrilled to be a client of this wonderful accounting company. Human, smart, concerned with the growth and prosperous of our business and always thinking one step ahead. Highly recommended.”

Ronnie S

I am very happy with the team at Avoda. They helped me set up my new accounting package and were very helpful with any questions I had. Thanks for the help.

Jackie M - Au Security & Communications

+ Many more 5 STAR reviews & ratings across Google & Facebook 

Looking  for Accountants Sunshine Coast? Take advantage of our complimentary meeting for all business clients.

If you are operating through a Company or Trust, or are looking to set up a Structure, book in with one of our team members for a complimentary initial meeting. Secondly, you will receive advice on structuring and the viability of your business, as well as suggestions on various programs, software and services that will help your business thrive and in turn help ease the stress of running your business. We love using & recommend xero.  We love xero that much, we have many videos on our youtube channel [Click here to check it out]. Upon the initial setup of a new xero subscription you will be provided with basic training and friendly advice on the best ways to use it.  Above all, we will be with you every step of the way and will be available to answer any questions you might have when using the software.

We’ll assist you with money management so you may embark on the road to financial stability!


At Avoda business advisory, we provide both individuals and organisations with a broad variety of compliance-based accounting services.
Compliance is just one aspect of accounting and taxation. Avoda offers accounting, taxes, advisory, and support services to make sure you get the most out of your money. Our conventional auditing and accounting procedures have evolved into creative, client-centered services. Our adaptability and flexibility will make sure we can work with you to get the finest results. Making ensuring that our clients understand what it takes to attain and sustain financial security is part of our purpose as an accounting and business advisory firm!

Business Accountants Sunshine Coast

As a matter of fact, Avoda offers cutting-edge accounting solutions that assist you in achieving your business objectives and putting yourself ahead of the competition! The company has a thorough awareness of the financial and legal difficulties that come with operating a business.
Our Sunshine Coast business accountants are extremely trained and informed, and they always operate in the best interests of your company. This is why we provide high-quality accounting and tax services to individuals, partners, corporations, and trusts!

Do you have an existing business you want to take to the next level?

Our team of experienced Accountants want to see your business dominate! This is why our firm offers additional services to help you get on your way to running a successful business. As your local Sunshine Coast Accountant based in the heart of Maroochydore some of our extra services include:

Benchmarking reports

Get a detailed report + a meeting with your accountant to find out how your business is performing among others in your industry (please check with us before booking this as not all industries are available with our software)

Tax planning

Work with your accountant to find ways to minimise the tax paid in your business

Half yearly, quarterly or monthly advisor meetings

This service is perfect for those looking wanting to get an in depth understanding on the financial mechanics of your business. Our accountants will advise you on your income/expenses and recommend changes that you should implement to help scale your business. This is also perfect for those looking for accountability for themselves within their business.

Budget & cashflow meetings

Similar to our advisor meetings, these can be done as a once off if you are curious to understand about the cashflow in your business. During this meeting your accountant can run reports for you show you the detailed running of your business. We can even show you how to run these reports yourself and equip you with the knowledge of how powerful it can be to understand the numbers in your business.

Management reporting

This is where we can create reports for your business to help you & your team make informed decisions. It provides you with insights into the financial health of your business and helps you to identify areas of improvement. These reports may include balance sheets, income statements and other key performance indicators to help you understand how your business is performing. 

Bookkeeping & payroll

Are you trying to run every aspect of your business including your bookkeeping and payroll? Are your accounts starting to feel overwhelming with the huge amount of transactions to reconcile? If you’re an existing client or looking to come on board, we offer a bookkeeping & payroll services. With various options to suit your needs our team can help you weekly, fortnightly or even monthly with keeping on top of your accounts, payroll & BAS lodgement.


Based on 42 reviews
Matthew Gill
Matthew Gill
Great staff who know what they are doing. I'm very appreciative of your assistance!
Amy Diesel
Amy Diesel
The team at Avoda are highly skilled and knowledgeable. For many years Tim, Jane and the team have helped us to navigate the intricacies of small business. Professional, yet friendly, I highly recommend Avoda for all of your business or personal accounting needs.
Rebecca West
Rebecca West
The team at AVODA are friendly and welcoming. Tim was very thorough, patient, efficient and helpful with my latest tax return and questions regarding the suitability of Xero for my business. As a new small business owner, it's important to feel heard and get answers for your questions, so you can feel confident you are making the right decisions when it comes to your finances. Highly recommend Tim and the team at AVODA for supporting small business owners.
Kevin Budge
Kevin Budge
Avoda is an excellent business to deal with. I have been associated with Tim and his staff for 6 years for both business and personal advice and service. Always friendly and well informed. I would highly recommend Avoda to anyone seeking the best advice for their business or personal finances.
Sam Coward
Sam Coward
Great experience, fast, friendly and professional.
lime qld
lime qld
Tim and his team are always willing to help with both advice and assistance. Couldn’t ask for a better service. Absolutely fantastic !
Alexander Brett
Alexander Brett
Very happy with the service from Avoda. Wouldn’t go any where else.From the pleasant greeting at the door to crunching the numbers. We can always rely on Avoda to give us the best advice and assistance to meet our needs and goals. Thanks Avoda.
Delicious Toxin
Delicious Toxin
Incredible service provided. I had Tim and he was amazing. Made everything easy to organise for my tax and got a great return. Appreciated. Will use again!

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Accountants

Why are accountants in demand on the Sunshine Coast?

Numerous companies are on the Sunshine Coast. However, those who run their own businesses frequently consider dealing with financial issues to be the most challenging aspect of the job. Bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and payroll service businesses have historically been among the most profitable for entrepreneurs to start. In Australia overall, there are 34% more employment available for accounting specialists than there were a year ago. Every year, tens of thousands more accountants are needed to fill the gap left by the current shortage.

Why are accountants always in high demand?

Accounting is frequently recognised as one of the most trustworthy professions, and accountants are well-respected business specialists. An accountant will become a trusted counselor to people within a workplace, and their input will be valued when business choices are made. Accounting positions, in contrast to other jobs that may be affected by economic downturns, tend to be far more stable. Accounting abilities are required in every organisation, and the accounting team’s work affects every department inside such companies.

What are the 5 roles of an accountant?

The first role includes managing accounts receivable, which involves invoicing, tracking payments, and responding to associated inquiries. Number two is managing accounts payable, a current liability incurred when a corporation purchases products or services from vendors on credit. The third role includes payroll. The management of employee pay based on employee type, status, salary, wages, and deductions is known as payroll processing. It also entails reporting and paying employment taxes. Then they are also financial controllers, largely responsible for maintaining correct and timely firm records. And finally, they are financial reporters. The act of gathering and tracking data about a company’s finances, including sales, capital, and cash flow, is known as financial reporting.

What are the types of accountants who work in Australia?

  • Tax Accountants – These accountants specialise in tax-related matters, including preparation of tax returns, annual financials and providing tax planning advice. As a Tax Accountant you can hold further qualifications as a (CPA) Certified Practising Accountant or a (CA) Chartered Accountant. Both these qualifications are regulated by the respective professional body in Australia.
  • Management Accountants & Chief Financial Officers (CFA)- These accountants work within organisations to provide financial advice and support for decision-making, budgeting, forecasting, and performance management.
  • Forensic Accountants – These accountants specialise in investigating financial fraud and other financial crimes, and may work with law enforcement agencies, lawyers, and insurance companies.
  • Liquidation Accountants or Insovlency Accountants – These accountants are specialists in liquidating businesses that have gone bankrupt or insolvent, meaning they are unable to pay their debts as they fall due.
  • Bookkeepers or BAS Agent – These professionals are responsible for maintaining financial records and preparing financial statements for small businesses and individuals. A bookkeeper is not required to hold any formal training or university degree.
  • Auditors – These professionals review and evaluate financial records and systems to ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations.

Is it better to have a local accountant?

Yes! A local accountant knows the rules and laws well, so they can make sure your business follows. They stay updated on any changes and help you to manage rules, perfectly saves you time and money.

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