When attending a tax return appointment, it’s important to gather and bring relevant documents and information to ensure the process goes smoothly. While the specific documents you need may vary depending on your circumstances, here are some common items you should consider bringing:

  1. Personal information such as, full name, DOB, residential address, phone number & email & Photo Identification. We will try and gather this information prior to your appointment.

  2.  Tax File Number (TFN): You must provide us with your TFN, as it is a unique identifier for your tax affairs. We will collect this information via a secure form prior to your appointment so the tax return can be prefilled with data held by the ATO. This will ensure your appointment goes a quick and as smoothly as possible. 
  1. Gather all the necessary income related documents, which may include:
  • Payment summaries or group certificates from your employer(s) showing your salary, wages,  and any withheld taxes (These should be reported direct to the ATO, so if you don’t have a physical copy, the ATO should already have the information from your employer, we will check this prior to completing your return).
  • Statements from any investments you have, such as interest income, dividends, or rental property income.
  • Details of any other sources of income, such as freelance work, business income, or capital gains.
  1. Deductions and expenses information, these may include:
  • Receipts or invoices for work-related expenses, such as uniforms, equipment, or professional development.
  • Records of any donations or gifts made to registered charities.
  • Rental property expenses, including invoices for repairs and maintenance, property management fees, or interest on loans.
  • Logbooks or records for motor vehicle expenses or travel expenses related to work.
  1. Health insurance information: If you have private health insurance, bring details of your policy, including the annual statement or insurance provider information. (The ATO normally has this information sent direct to them & will be prefilled when connecting to the ATO).
  1. Superannuation contributions: Provide details of any voluntary superannuation contributions made during the financial year, including contributions made personally or by your employer.
  1. Previous tax returns: If applicable, bring copies of your previous tax returns to ensure accuracy and continuity in your tax records. (This moreso applies to business clients)
  1. Bank account details: Provide your bank account details to us in case you are eligible for a tax refund, and ATO needs to deposit it directly into your account. We collect this data in a secure form prior to your appointment to ensure efficiency.
  1. Business and investment records: If you are self-employed or have investments, gather relevant records such as business activity statements (BAS), financial statements, or dividend statements.

It’s important to note that this is a general list, and your specific circumstances may require additional documentation. It’s advisable to consult with us or the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for precise information and to ensure you have all the necessary documents for your tax return appointment.