RG Strategic:

At RG Strategic, They offer consulting services in Business Strategy, Planning & Development, Tourism & Major Events, and Advocacy & Government Relations.

They provide advice, guidance, and the right connections for your project or business when you need it. Your timeline and priorities are theirs; they go the extra mile to seek solutions. Simply put, they want to see you succeed.

Their role as consultants is to identify and solve problems or challenges of which you may not even be aware. Rather than spending your time on researching and understanding a government process or debating whether an application has been completed properly, they will handle these elements and give you your time back.


Sente is a business management company based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. They specialize in providing comprehensive financial and strategic support to businesses. Their services include Virtual CFO solutions. SENTE team brings extensive experience in corporate and business strategies, working capital management, budgeting, forecasting, cash flow management, and operational efficiency. Sente’s Virtual CFO services are made to help businesses streamline financial processes, improve data accuracy, and provide tailored financial analysis to support strategic decision-making. These services include cash flow management, KPI development, stakeholder management, and preparing business cases for funding.

Pandanus Consulting:

Pandanus Consulting is a boutique management consulting and contracting firm that partners with large public and private organisations to lead the implementation of major and transformational change programs and projects. They deliver results where the changes and benefits are embedded into your day-to-day operations and service delivery. Their experienced consultants work at a very strategic level, and they can also transition into being very practical, detailed and ‘hands on’ members of your project team. As a small business, Pandanus Consulting offers direct and flexible engagement with its clients.

Anchor Digital:

They are a Brisbane-based creative and digital agency providing marketing, branding & digital solutions. They push limits, stretch boundaries, and innovate new ways to grow your business. From creative services to business mentoring, with a whole lot of strategy, they help purpose-driven businesses grow.

Refusing to stay in one lane, they define thereselves as a hybrid creative marketing agency. They bring together under one roof every approach a business needs to be successful in the 21st century. Fuelled by passion and curiosity, they help you shape your future with full-funnel, forward-thinking techniques and campaigns.