Xero Training

We have created a stack of videos to assist our clients navigate and use xero to it’s full potential. If you have a suggestion of a video you would like created, please get in touch with our team!

Xero Training Videos

Looking for some basic xero training? Here you will find demonstrative videos of our most commonly asked questions relating to xero accounting software. Keep an eye on this page as we are regularly updating it with helpful tips and tricks on various aspects of xero. 

General Xero Training Tutorials

Xero basics to get you started

Introduction of xero for all clients new to using xero. This covers everything we would go through in a face to face meeting. We made this video to help our clients save time by not having to travel into the office to see us for this training.

Batch payments + reconciling

Tutorial on creating a batch payment and then reconciling that batch payment. We also talk about how you can upload this batch file direct to your bank to save time.

Overpayments, underpayments & credit notes

We talk about how to reconcile a payment when a client overpays you and when a client underpays you . This video also explains how to create a credit note.

Editing an email template

This is the template you see when you send out a sales invoice. We go over in particular how to change the trading name on the invoice to be what you want exactly, which might be your display name. As some trading names can be unnecessarily long.

Edit/Create Invoice Branding

This feature is handy if you have multiple businesses/companies trading under one xero account and want to separate invoices to be branded differently. This is also helpful if you want to create different branding templates for different payment types.

Add in a new bank account

A quick demo of how to add in a new or additional bank account in xero.

Reconciling multiple payments + splitting payments

Tutorial on reconciling multiple invoices to one payment and splitting payments for when you might have to pay or receive a deposit on an invoice.

Cash coding/bulk reconciliation

If you have fallen a bit behind with your reconciling, you can use this feature to bulk reconcile payments that are identical or would fall into the same account.  It is a quick way of reconciling bank transactions that are all similar in the one go. 

Xero Payroll Tutorials

Payroll settings

This demo includes a very important first step of being able to add super fund details in for employees. This is a must watch before adding in employees into your payroll, as payroll settings need to be set up correctly right from the start, before you do anything else.

Processing a payrun

In this tutorial we discuss how to process a payrun. We go through each step from adding a payrun, editing fields, finalising with single touch payroll and emailing out payslips. 

Employee termination

Employee termination with annual leave payout – setting final pay in xero. We show you the correct way to terminate an employee in xero, payout their annual leave and set their last pay as their ‘final pay’.

Applying leave in payroll

In this video snippet we go through how to do a leave request for an employee – Once you approve the request this automatically applies to the pay run that contains those dates you have put the leave in for.

Opening balances for employees

 Opening balances are normally used when you are transferring from an old accounting software to a new one. We need to be able to copy over what leave employees are owed so we can all keep track of what they have accrued and also allow the employee to see it on their payslip.

Add in your first employee

We go through step by step on how to add a new employee to payroll and set them up correctly from the start. If you haven’t watched payroll settings, please watch that video first before adding in an employee.

Add in a new super fund

We go through adding in a new super fund for new or existing employees. This also covers how to change an existing employees super fund.

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