TR Business Consulting

Their business is here to help yours, by taking a measured and strategic approach they can map out your cashflows across various scenarios and implement plans to ensure you survive this period of uncertainty.

Depending on your business’s unique needs, they have a package that is sure to meet your budget and help you achieve your goals. Build your online presence with a website, ecommerce or digital marketing.

REAVA Solutions:

Helping female entrepreneurs move into the CEO position of their business and become the visionary they’ve always known they could be. To meet the needs of our clients, they customised their services to meet their specific needs.

At REAVA Solutions they help female entrepreneurs to implement their strategic objectives, continuously improve their business processes and systematise their operations so that they can elevate their business growth. They guide them and help them make the right decision to let go of the mundane day-to-day activities that serve their clients but don’t serve them, so they have the time, space and resources to become the true visionary in their business.

At REAVA Solutions, they are guided by their core values in everything they do when they are working with their clients:


Empower you to thrive in your business. You be the visionary and I’ll support you and your dreams to come true.

Value adding

Be your asset not your expense. Help you to improve your efficiency and productivity. Streamline and simplify your operations.


Set up systems and procedures for training and delegation with ease. Consistent outcomes and results, and reduction of errors.

Continuous Improvement

Use historical data to analyse what’s working and what’s not. Use feedback to tweak the process. Achieve all-round better results.

Grierson Consulting

They begin with a discovery session and take a deep dive into your company to identify opportune areas for growth and development. Once the areas of opportunity have been clarified they work with you on a weekly basis to ensure that your goals are reached.They implemented a strategic growth plan that increased annual sales from $23M to $53M in five years, leading to their successful exit.

Allegra Consulting

Allegra Consulting was founded in 2005 with Change and Transformation at their core. Their vision is to be the market-leading Change and Transformation consulting and recruitment business in Australia. They partner with clients to provide the frameworks, expertise and resources to deliver sustainable enterprise-wide cultural change and transformation.

They pride ourselves on the ‘what they do’ and the ‘how they do it’. Embedding meaningful change requires empathy for the issues and dynamics at play – in other words, being able to relate to participants on a human level as well as designing solutions that help to shift the behaviour.