The Sunshine Coast has a lot of competition going on between businesses, small or big. So, it is essential for you to take some important steps to make sure your business can survive in it. You may put in a huge amount of effort towards your business’ success but end up feeling that it isn’t rewarding enough. You could get publicity, but are you getting any profit? Are you covering your basic needs through your business profit? Or are you facing a financial crisis? Here is the point when you need an expert’s advice.

No matter your small business’s category, a skilled accountant is vital. But what things should you look out for in potential candidates? Here are 5 things you must consider:

Benefit for Business:

Some accountants on the Sunshine Coast will just concentrate on finishing the current work and getting end of year financials & tax returns in order. Always ask a prospective business accountant for suggestions on how to save costs and minimise tax for your organisation. The best accountants will be able to offer suggestions for procedures & changes that might be implemented to support the success of your company.


The honesty of the accountant you employ should be at the top of your list of qualities to search for given that the information you offer your CPA is extremely confidential in nature. Not only should your accountant should take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of your information, including using physical security measures, computer encryption, and ethical work procedures but they should be offering you honest advice, even if you don’t like what they have to say. Be careful to acquire recommendations and testimonials before hiring your business accountant.

Qualifications and Experience

A trustworthy accountant should possess the credentials and experience necessary to substantiate their knowledge and ability. Finding an accountant on the Sunshine Coast with prior expertise working with companies in your field may be to your best advantage. This ensures that your money is in the proper hands and that you can obtain the exact kind of help you need. Do some background research, take tests, and ask about their prior employment. You never know whether applicants are exaggerating their experience.

Your books’ current condition: Are they a mess?

It’s likely that a lot of work is required if your business has been functioning for a while and your accounts have not been updated on a regular basis. Hence, if the books are already out of order, it would be preferable to have a professional set of eyes check through everything to ensure that everything is in order. Find out if your potential accountant has a bookkeeping service to offer, this will ensure your books can be brought up to date at the cost of a bookkeeper rate as opposed to an accountant hourly rate which would be much higher.


Will you be able to pay your accountant’s costs as a small business? Attempt to come to an agreement with them, but if they are “far” out of your price range, choose another. Prices can vary significantly between accountants on the Sunshine Coast. Ask if they offer monthly payment plans and ensure you get a quote for the services up front so you know what to expect with no nasty hidden surprises. Also ask for pricing for any additional services you may require such as advisory meetings, tax planning or specific reports.